Welcome to IACA

It has always been the intention of many Iraqi Australian Christians, with Arabic speaking backgrounds, living in the Australian community, to establish an organization to:

  • Maintain their culture,
  • Maintain their Christian values,
  • Strengthen the bonds amongst the members through social, cultural, sport and humanitarian activities,
  • Maintain communication in Arabic for the coming generations, and
  • Provide assistance, where possible, to all Iraqi Christians whether they have just arrived in Australia or are living outside Iraq as refugees.


This intention was put to test at the beginning of 2007 to determine whether or not the above goals are achievable.

Several members of this community formed a volunteer group and dedicated their time and efforts to layng down the foundation of what would one day be a great association.

The journey to achieve the ultimate goals and objectives of our association is still far away, however with dedication of our members, this journey would be shortened.


Board Members


Dr Ramzi Barnouti OAM


Dr Intesar Naoum

Vice President 

Dr Hassan Bakos


Mr Nabil Fathalla


Mrs Marina Michael


Mr Hatem Allouse


Mrs Mona Admin