2012 New year party

The Iraqi Australian Christian Association will hold it's annual new year
eve party at the Emporium function center in Bankstown.
Ticket prices will ba as follows:

  1.  18 years old and above is $60. Non members will be charged extra 10
  2.  12-18 years old is $50.
  3.   4-12 years old is $30.
  4.  Under 4 years old is free.

These prices will include entertainments,full set of cold and hot mezza,
dinner, desserts  and drinks(beer, wine and soft drinks).Guests can bring
their own alcoholic spirt such as wisky with no extra charges.

Entertainments will include Arabic and western music.

Tickets will be sold on Friday the 2nd of December at 7:00 Pm , at the
Assyrian Culture and Sport Club ,Fairfeild's Heights , based on first come
first served.